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Import Permit for Endangered Species

Import Permit for Endangered Species


Background of the endangered certificate:

Wildlife resources are an important part of nature. In order to regulate the global wildlife trade, countries around the world have formulated regulations on restricting the import and export of wild animals and plants. Therefore, the importation of wild animals and plants and their products has always been a complicated and difficult procedure in the country. With our rich industry experience, our company has become the first company in China to successfully handle drug endangerment. Click to view the endangered certificate.

The import permit certificate for endangered species refers to the import license management of wild animals and plants and their products that are included in the scope of the import and export of wild animal and plant species catalogue, and the National Endangered Species Import and Export Management Office (hereinafter referred to as the “Management Office”). Its authorized office issues a permit to import. The operator shall declare to the customs on the initiative and truthful manner that the contents of the wild animals and plants listed in the catalogue are marked in the package or description of the inbound or outbound goods or articles, and the customs shall supervise the goods containing the wild animals and plants.

The general process for handling the endangered certificate:

Notes on handling import and export permit for endangered species:

(1)Import Permit for Endangered Species is divided into one use and multiple use. The contents of the certificate must not be altered.

①The “species certificate” for one use shall not be valid for more than 6 months from the date of issuance;

②The “species certificate” used multiple times is only applicable to wild animals and plants that have entered (exited) multiple times at the same customs port for the same cargo type of the same species. The species used for multiple uses is valid until December 31 of the year of issuance.
(2) The “species certificate” used repeatedly, the customs endorsed in the “Customs Endorsement” column and filed with the customs declaration form. For the “species certificate” used repeatedly, the original of the customs verification and the copy will be filed with the customs declaration. At the end of the current year, the operator shall submit the original to the customs for filing with the final customs declaration.
(3) The licensee must import wild animals and plants in accordance with the port, method, time limit, species, quantity and type of goods specified in the “Species Certificate”, and the customs shall not exceed the declaration scope of any of the “Certificate of Species”. Accepted.

The following materials must be submitted for the application for endangered species (submitted in duplicate):

1. Application report (specify the import or export country or region, species, quantity, source, use, etc.).

2. Application Form for Wildlife and Its Products of the People's Republic of China (The relevant contents in the form must be filled out truth by item, no missing items, materials must be printed).

3. Import and export contracts or agreements.

4. Proof of source.

Where the application for the export of wild animals and plants and its products shall be submitted to the source certificate issued by the administrative department of wildlife at the provincial level, the province shall submit the source certificate issued by the administrative department of wildlife at the county or county level.
Applicants for importing wild animals and plants and their products must submit an export (re-export) permit issued by the other party (exporting country) or the competent authority, a certificate of origin or other means that the other competent authority agrees to the exit (re-export) Proof of the material.

5. Customs certification materials.

6. Chinese medicine ingredient list and outer packaging instruction materials.