Who we are

Who we are

We are one of the leading drug import and export experts in Macau, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia, with drug registration and distribution expertise.

In the past 7 years, we have established long-term and close relationships with suppliers and customers, developed our very successful import and export business, registration business, distribution business, and quickly entered cross-border e-commerce platforms in China (such as JD International, Tmall International, etc.)

We specialize in providing registration, distribution, and rapid entry into cross-border e-commerce platforms in China for overseas pharmaceutical companies who want to enter the Chinese market.

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Who we are


Drug import and export

We can assess your clinical trial strategy and ensure a secure, high quality, low risk supply chain is in place.  By partnering with Wu Zhou Drug, we can provide customer product as below:

  • Wholesale / Distribution: Branded Generic & Specialty Medicines
  • Market Shortages, Unlicensed / Unregistered Medicines
  • Named Patient / Compassionate Procurement /Emergency Healthcare needs

Drug Registration

Provide overseas drug registration services for global pharmaceutical companies in Greater China and Southeast Asia.

Drug Distribution

We have a large sales team that can provide drug distribution in Greater China and Southeast Asia.

Distribution channels:

  • Pharmacy
  • Hospital
  • Cross border e-commerce platforms

Cross border e-commerce settlement

Assist overseas pharmaceutical companies to quickly enter China’s cross-border e-commerce platforms (such as JD International and Tmall Global)

Drug Registration and Distribution expertis

Having rich experience in overseas drug registration, we have successfully registered over 40 products and have a large sales team, providing one-stop services from registration to distribution

Registration in Greater China and Southeast Asia

Rich registration experience

Large sales team

Professional drug registration experts

Rich pipelines

Wide coverage of distribution channels

product lines

We currently manage over 300 product lines


We source products from over 70 countries across The world

Years- experience

We are proven in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years

Product Pipeline

We are specialists in the global sourcing and supply of pharmaceutical products.